Thanksgiving Weekend Schedule

Turkey Busting Boot Camp

Bad Mikey’s Thanksgiving Weekend Schedule will have have a

TURKEY BUSTING BOOT CAMP at 7:30 am Thanksgiving Day!

All members are welcome to join and anyone can drop in for just $10!

Friday’s Schedule will include 9:15 am Boot Camp. We will be open for Black Friday Purchases from 9am-11am.  Otherwise your purchase can be made online at Black Friday Buy Online

Saturday will resume regular schedule.


Black Friday Sale

On Friday, November 27, Bad Mikey’s will offer a

10 Class Punch Card for $100!! ONE DAY ONLY!

Purchase your punch card on Black Friday by going to:

Buy Online

Or call 845.628.6453 on Friday November

No pre-purchases. One punch card per person.  All punch cards expire 2/27/16. Questions, please email

Muay Thai in Mahopac

Bad Mikey’s offers Muay Thai in Mahopac! Muay Thai is a Martial Art from Thailand that uses stand-up striking with various clinching techniques. Traditionally, Muay Thai is a fighting art. However, with the growing attention it has received in America, in the Muay Thai Kickboxing shows, Glory, and MMA, it has become a must for those that compete, people seeking self-defense and confidence, and also Fitness Enthusiasts. The training of Muay Thai is vigorous and an excellent way to slim down and achieve your fitness goals.

Bad Mikey’s Muay Thai coach Mike Mercado teaches traditional Muay Thai with basic and advanced techniques that were learned over his experience with various instructors, here and in Thailand for the last 20 years that helped him amass an undefeated record of Muay Thai fights, but also helped him in his boxing and MMA career. Whatever your goals are, we can help you reach and surpass them here.


The element that makes our program different than many others is the respect for each person’s individual goals. Our motto is “Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!” That means, no “Assembly Line” training! Everyone is different and learns differently! We work together as a single unit to help each other succeed.

In our class, someone that has been training for 5 years can still work with someone who is taking their very first class. We all have our own agendas and things to be working on that our instructor will give them beforehand so everyone can join in on the fun. Private Muay Thai lessons are available as well to give you individual attention to help you reach your next level faster.

We also offer advanced classes and sparring by invitation only. The sparring classes can only be attended after a suitable period of training to insure safety. Safety and Respect is paramount at Bad Mikey’s! We are humble, but tough! Come and see for yourselves!

Our classes are challenging and fun and have built friendships through hard training together. We are more a family, than training partners. We also, offer outdoor training when weather permits that will give you that feel of being in Thailand. We look forward to seeing you soon! Khop khun krap (Thank You!)

Bad Mikey’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Students in 2015 Competitions

Bad Mikey’s is very proud of all its Brazilian Jiu Jitsu students who competed in 2015.  Here they are with Coach Mike Varley showcasing their many awards. Special thanks to Coach Mike Wacker of Black Hole who continues to support our BJJ program, he has been awesome.