Introducing Burnn Zone powered by Bad Mikey’s


You’ve seen the signs, the new schedule and you are probably wondering – “What is this new Burnn Zone?” Don’t worry, Bad Mikey’s is still the Bad Mikey’s you know and love; we will still offer classes, personal training memberships and punch cards! We’re just adding more for you! The Burnn Zone is new a program that allows monthly members to attend classes or come in on their own schedule and workout!

Often people’s reasoning for not following through with their workout is they don’t have the time or the classes don’t fit in their schedule. This new program allows members to make the workout fit their schedule and even offers workouts of high intensity and variety that are only 30 minutes long! Not being able to get a workout in will be a thing of the past with our Burnn 30 option.

These Burnn Zone workouts will combine the new fitness trends into a high energy, fast paced workout, with nutritional advice and heart rate monitoring with the most cutting edge technology. This heart rate monitoring technology will ensure that you are getting the most out of your workout whether in class or on your own time. So come check out the new Burnn Zone powered by Bad Mikey’s and exceed your fitness goals.

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