Kids Fall Programs at Bad Mikey’s

Camo Kidz Fall Program

will begin Monday September 18 for 10 weeks.

Mon & Wed 4:30 pm (ages 7-9)

Mon & Wed 5:30 pm (10-12)

Combining basic elements of MMA including Boxing, Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with fitness and Obstacle Training.  This 10 week program will keep your kids active while learning.

Kids Fit & Teen Fit Fall Program

will begin Tuesday September 19 for 10 weeks.

Tues & Thurs 4:30 pm (ages 7-9)

Tues & Thurs 5:30 (ages 10-13)

This Fit class combines all elements of speed, agility, strength & conditioning with fun race training obstacles. See your kid get stronger and faster within 10 weeks of training.

10 week Individual Program cost $200 per child 

10 All Inclusive cost $300

20 Class Pass $225

Pre-registration is necessary for all classes.  Payment will be due the first day of class. Please note: we will need 10 students minimum per class and class maximum enrollment will be 20 students.