Looking for the Best Way to End Your Workout? Refuel and Recover

After you work so hard, putting in the time and effort in your calorie crunching workout at Bad Mikey’s, make sure that you replenish your body with the nutrients it has depleted. Refueling with both Protein and the proper Carbohydrates within a 45 to a 90 minute window is key for it to count. The carbohydrates will refuel the body.  The protein will begin to repair the damage from the work out and help rebuild muscle.

Great examples of great post work out snacks are: a good quality protein shake, an apple with almond butter, a handful of almonds. Keep your post work out snacks about 200 to 300 calories depending on your daily calorie intake, this also keeps you from overeating later in the day.

For more information on your nutrition habits, come by Bad Mikey’s and see Erin at BReady Health and Wellness, our Certified Health Coach and RN!